Since I missed my deadline to write a blog post last week, here’s another one.

I stumbled upon this theory recently. There are a lot of articles about it. And it really resonates with me. Like, I watch Reddit daily and am severely annoyed by the amount of memes that are posted by bots for the nthteenth time. Also, I feel like the content I consume really shapes and molds my mind into a certain shape and form which gets more and more rigid over time. Like the shape of the box my opinions fit in gets smaller and smaller and its outlines more pronounced. The same is probably happening to you, in your own ways.

But be relieved, I have a solution for you. A solution for escaping the echo chambers you are stuck in. There’s a website that only serves Real Human Contentâ„¢. That website is quite amazing. It is called Furamo. Yes, it is the one you are currently reading. To fix your narrow angles of opinion just visit this blog weekly. Come here for raw, selfish, personal content. Written by a human who has no agendas, no desire to warp your mind, other than the subconscious pressure towards certain directions that I have picked up myself. Come here and check out the stories about this and that which will continue until I run out of anime screenshots to use as a cover picture.

One response to “You won’t believe half of these 3 things that your memes do to you”

  1. Ea says:

    The reincarnation of Furamo is the best thing happening post-covid. Yay! ^^

    Otherwise just dropping by to say that I have been wondering similar things about the internet. It isn’t what it used to be. Sic transit gloria mundi… or it could be just the middle-aged bourgeoisie kicking in.

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