Month: March 2024

Just another Saturday

March 2, 2024

I called a friend today and complained that my computer runs slow. So he said: “Come and I will build you a new one. Right. Now.” And I complied. He got someone to pick me up, pick up some new PC parts that I had to pay for, and take me to his place.

I only kept the graphics card from my old computer, everything else was replaced. The old PC had been all full of dust, so to get my recycled graphics card to be acceptable enough, it had to be cleaned. For that, my friend had a mysterious aluminum bottle that looked like your average water bottle, and a small, strange, loud device that compressed 4 car tires worth of air into the aforementioned bottle. Then he sprayed the pressurized air all over my video card and it got clean as new.

While he was working on the computer, I just sat around and drank some beer, constantly being startled by noticing my friend’s life sized plush dog from the corner of my eye. It looked so realistic that if you didn’t look at it closely you thought it was alive.

Later my sister came to drive me and my new computer back to my place. She said she had the same reaction about the dog – that when she noticed it, she instantly wanted to pet it before realizing it was fake.

So anyway my new rig has an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-14600KF and stuff. Not that I understand much of that. What matters to me is the rainbow colored lights from the new computer lighting up my room, and that I can play video games again. I am most grateful for that.

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