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What, where did all that time go?

December 21, 2023

2023 is about to end.
Looking back at the year, I gotta say this:

Thanks a lot to Juhan for inviting me to events, you were possibly the person I hanged out with the most. I didn’t leave the house often otherwise.

Thanks a lot to Veljo who was there for me for emotional support, I certainly feel indebted for that which I might never be able to pay off.

Thanks a lot to EA for commenting on this blog, it gave me motivation to post here, even if I wasn’t very successful at it these past months.

Thanks to all the other friends, it was an okay year due to all of you.

And some random stats:



Twitch was running on my computer most of the days.


Played a bit on the Steam Deck and a lot of Path of Exile on the PC.

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