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October 21, 2020

After trying out a bunch of different mobile gacha games, I decided to build my own game. In Unity.

I haven’t really built any games before. C#, the programming language used in Unity, is also new to me. By now I’ve learned a lot about these tools. But I’m still slowly realizing that those people on the Internet are right. Those who say that it’s best to build a bunch of simple games first before you take on an ambitious project. My code is probably trash, because I lack experience and just don’t know any better.

It’s weird that it’s hard to improve the code too. There isn’t too much advanced information on Unity on the internet. There are all these famous large games built in Unity. The know-how for building them had to come from somewhere right? But I can’t find it. There are mostly YouTube tutorials for beginners. So I guess I will just continue improvising on top of what I have now.

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So I started playing another gacha game on my phone recently. If you don’t know, gacha games are Japanese games with a super deep and fascinating loot box system. You pay tons of money to open loot boxes to get waifus, and the best waifus are rare, so you really gotta cough up the dough to get them.

And I already did. Cough up the dough, I mean. This game I’m currently playing is called Girls X Battle 2 and it’s pretty awesome. At first I thought it would be lame to pay real money for virtual waifus, but boy I was wrong and I ended up disappointing myself and my parents.

Basically the actual gameplay in Girls X Battle 2 is similar to any idle game – you just make numbers go bigger for the sake of making some more numbers go even bigger. And as these games work, at first you have solid gameplay for some hours, and then you hit a wall. And your credit card will help you breach the wall and keep playing.

There are three currencies needed to make your 12-year-old anime girls’ numbers go bigger – let’s call them “Cash”, “Booze” and “Drugs”. There’s also a premium currency, let’s call it “Diamonds”. So I just used some “Euros” to buy 30 million “Cash”, 30 million “Booze”, and I’m getting the “Drugs” by buying them in-game for “Cash” and “Diamonds”. So now my waifus have infinite power, and I still have around 15 million cash left.



Anyway, I’m not sure how long I’m going to play it, but it is pretty solid fun. It has a lot of social features, and I like that the girls are voiced by actual famous voice actresses. For example the character on this picture is voiced by Chiwa Saito, who also voiced Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari.

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About these Stats

Here are some statistics about trading cards in Steam.

Note that these stats are from around 2000 games tagged “Anime” on Steam, from anigames.me. Therefore these numbers are not representative of the entirety of Steam’s games.

Stats about Cards

How many games have trading cards in the first place:

How many games have trading cards

How many different trading cards do games have?

Looks like most games have 5 or 6 cards, which makes it easy to collect a badge, but there are many with up to different 15 cards

How many different trading cards does a game have
Number of trading cards in a full set

How much does a badge cost, depending on the number of cards the set has?

As the number of cards in the set goes up, the price of a full set doesn’t go up that much – because in those large sets the cards are cheaper, thanks to dropping a larger number of them from the game and also because it’s cheaper to craft a booster of them with gems.

These prices are for the badges of anime games, so the total average on Steam is definitely lower, as all the anime stuff is more expensive on the Steam Community Market compared to similar items from other games.

How much does a badge cost for a number of cards in the set
On x-axis: number of cards in a full set

Emoticons and Backgrounds

How many different backgrounds or emoticons do games have?

While there are games that have 5 rare backgrounds, most have more common ones and one or two rare ones.

Number of backgrounds per game
Number of emoticons per game

How much do emoticons and backgrounds cost?

While common emoticons and backgrounds for regular steam games are mostly worthless, the anime ones can get quite pricey. The average is brought up even more by special rarities – games that have few owners so that there aren’t many of their items available.

Average price of backgrounds
Average price of emoticons

Bottom line

So what do you think? Would there be any more similar numbers that would be interesting to see? Leave a comment to tell me.

Also if you like anime pictures and want to pimp up your Steam profile, be sure to check out anigames.me.

Cover photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

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I once asked that question but didn’t find a satisfying answer. So I built my own solution for it, a site that makes finding anime pictures on Steam fast and easy. It took like half a year to build, because I’m mostly busy with playing games and watching anime, but here it is:

I found a pretty nice background picture for my profile, and also learned a lot building that site, as it was my first time working both with a Vue.js front end and a node.js backend.

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