What the fork is this?

February 22, 2023

15 years ago Furamo was my own personal fully featured Facebook clone. I spent hundreds of hours adding all kinds of useless features to it. And then there was nothing here for a while. Now that I’m writing more blog posts again, it’s also time to continue the overdevelopment of the site’s features.

Proudly presenting – videos as the cover picture (the blogging engine WordPress doesn’t support that out of the box)

Also, I looked at some statistics and it seems like the only people visiting my site are the bots trying to hack into the admin panel and the bots sending spam comments. So I don’t even have to delete the posts I’m too ashamed of as I’ve been doing so far. Because nobody gonna see them anyway. It’s nice, makes me feel more relaxed and removes anxieties and societal pressure to censor myself.

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