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Unacquired sophistication

March 7, 2023

I have a note where I’ve written down a few ideas for blog posts. One of them is to draw a comic strip. I tried to do it for the current post. But the result was so atrocious that I decided against unleashing it on the Internet.

I have nearly zero experience drawing. But it is one of those skills I would like to acquire. I have watched a bunch of tutorial videos about it, but watching them won’t make me draw any better. Actually drawing, regularly, would though. The secret to learning how to draw (or many other skills) is just to practice a lot, so that your brain acquires new neuron connections which allow you to coordinate your imagination, eyes and hands in a better way.

These neuron connection pathways allow you to perform complicated tasks, if trained correctly. But they also determine your personality and your whole life. It is possible to retrain them, update the way your brain works, but it takes time and effort – regardless if you want to change some personality traits or learn how draw.

I’m having a hard time approaching the whole drawing thing. I’m setting myself really high expectations – I want to immediately be good at it, but the results are not so good. That’s probably a pretty common problem for people. If not immediately good at it – just give up.

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