The weather is blazing hot, food prices have doubled because of the uncontrolled inflation, and that has also made the hobos more bold and desperate. After I’ve had a drink somewhere on the street, I’ve given the empty can to a homeless person instead of throwing it away and now they have learned that they can get cans and bottles straight from people, instead of rummaging for them in garbage cans. It’s quite alarming.

Like, you’re standing on the street, having the traditional Eastern European breakfast of Red Bull and a cigarette, and all these bums pick up the sight of it and swarm towards you like flies. One of them asks for your energy drink can so they can exchange it for 10 cents, while you’ve barely had a sip from it. The other one asks for a smoke and keeps bothering you until you pull out your knife from your pocket and offer the knife to his kidney instead of a cig in his mouth. Then he decides it is not worth the risk and leaves you alone.

I mean, I understand that they are just people, and that I am permanently close to their status due to my sketchy financial situation. So I ought to be more respectful towards them. But you also gotta understand me, because of the aforementioned constantly looming financial crisis that I’m in I can’t really spare them my resources.

Another thing is, some guy keeps going through my garbage at night. Like, he enters our backyard, gets to the garbage can and makes a huge mess and a lot of noise sorting the trash, so that my neighbor wakes up and is wondering what the hell is going on. It gives me a slight bit of satisfaction that the garbage guy has to go through my coom napkins before he gets to whatever he is looking for. But it is still extremely unsettling that you have no privacy in your garbage container.

The economic situation all around is pretty messed up and these kinds of things will continue happening, more and more. Having a knife or another weapon in your pocket all the time certainly seems necessary going forward.

So, have you had anything interesting of those sorts happen recently or have you yourself become homeless? Leave a comment below.

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