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Kokoro Disconnect

June 17, 2020

There is a forum on Reddit, /r/animemes, where people post anime-related funny pictures. I’ve seen more and more of these being reposted to regular, non-anime meme sites and there are even a few full-fledged animeme formats that have seen widespread use, like the Chika and Fumino ones (example at the end of this post).

I guess anime is becoming mainstream. What I personally like about all the animemes tho is the quality sauce you can find by reading the comments. I’m not talking about six-digit numbers here, but actual anime series that I somehow missed when they were airing and that someone in the discussion thread now recommends.

I’ve binged a few older series lately thanks to that. I really loved ReLIFE, which made this old man cry and laugh and cry more than his last serious relationship. And at the moment, I’m about to finish Kokoro Connect, which is kinda the same genre as ReLIFE, and has also made me feel a lot.

It is about a group of teenagers, who catch the attention of a supernatural entity, who then starts to mess around with their lives, because it thinks that “they are interesting” and because he “wants to see interesting things” from them. Well, I’ve now seen some pretty interesting stuff myself.

I like it how these series can really make you feel a lot, you can get addicted to the feels, especially if your own life is devoid of any emotion but regret. And the other thing I like about these high school romance dramas is the deep analysis of the characters’ subconscious worlds that some of the teens can come up with. One moment they are in a serious discussion about each other’s feelings, which would dwarf the analytical skills of even my therapist, and the next moment they are so emotionally charged that they have no control over what is happening.

I guess so far I’d give this series a solid 9/10.


Are there any more emotional series you’d recommend me that I haven’t seen yet? Let me know in the comments.

Also, enjoy this meme I made: