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Happy cuddly kitten day!

March 23, 2023

I have seen a couple of comics recently where the author got the idea for it from ChatGPT. It seemed interesting so I figured I’d check if the AI has a good idea for a blog post I could write.

I asked for a few suggestions.

The first one was to write about my cat being more popular on Instagram than I am myself. Well, I neither use Instagram nor have a cat around so I dismissed that one.

The second one was to write about my toddler creating chaos and grabbing everyone’s attention during my zoom meetings. Well, I don’t have a toddler around so I dismissed that one too.

The third suggestion was to write about the National Wear Your Pajamas Day. That one seemed the most interesting out of the bunch. I googled about it – there are multiple Wear Your Pajamas Days a year – April 6 is the National Pajama Day and April 16th is the Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day.

It turns out there is an insane number of random holidays each day of the year, most of which probably go uncelebrated.

In the end I appreciated ChatGPT-s advice. I didn’t use any of its ideas for a whole post, but it drew my attention to all these wonderful weird holidays. So I’m now sharing them with you too – check and see what holiday it is while you are reading this and it might help bring joy to your life.

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