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Booku no Booko

May 24, 2024

I just finished this book. Which is a good read by the way, it changes the way you see things. And I guess Google knew I had just become bookless, because I got recommended this article about Bill Gates’ current top book recommendations. So of course I instabought his #1 recommended book. For some reason the Kindle version was more expensive than the physical version, so I ordered a physical copy. My bookshelf has recently only gotten new mangas – its about time I add an actual new book to it. After I have finished reading it.

Don’t worry, I will let you guys know in a month or so if Bill Gates’ recommendation was a good one or nah.

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Bappy Hirthday Yaaaay~

April 24, 2024

Furamo had its 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had this blog for more than half of my life. In the old days, without Facebook and Twitter, Furamo used to be bigger than me. More people had probably seen my blog than seen my face, and when they finally met me, they introduced themselves by saying: “Hey, I’ve read your blog.”

I celebrated Furamo’s birthday with more celebrations than I held for myself. But look at us now. Furamo, somewhere forgotten in the dark corners of the Internet, and me, maybe still even smaller that this site, here, forgotten in the darkness of my room.

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Just another Saturday

March 2, 2024

I called a friend today and complained that my computer runs slow. So he said: “Come and I will build you a new one. Right. Now.” And I complied. He got someone to pick me up, pick up some new PC parts that I had to pay for, and take me to his place.

I only kept the graphics card from my old computer, everything else was replaced. The old PC had been all full of dust, so to get my recycled graphics card to be acceptable enough, it had to be cleaned. For that, my friend had a mysterious aluminum bottle that looked like your average water bottle, and a small, strange, loud device that compressed 4 car tires worth of air into the aforementioned bottle. Then he sprayed the pressurized air all over my video card and it got clean as new.

While he was working on the computer, I just sat around and drank some beer, constantly being startled by noticing my friend’s life sized plush dog from the corner of my eye. It looked so realistic that if you didn’t look at it closely you thought it was alive.

Later my sister came to drive me and my new computer back to my place. She said she had the same reaction about the dog – that when she noticed it, she instantly wanted to pet it before realizing it was fake.

So anyway my new rig has an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-14600KF and stuff. Not that I understand much of that. What matters to me is the rainbow colored lights from the new computer lighting up my room, and that I can play video games again. I am most grateful for that.

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Three Tales from the Easy East

January 15, 2024

The Tale of the Bulky Buckets

I was out shopping for a bucket of cream, because winter makes my skin dry.

So, at the pharmacy, I found a bucket similar to the one I had emptied just before, but the new one felt way smaller. I asked one of the employees if they had any buckets of more significant size for my significant moisturizing needs, but got told that the bucket in my hands was the biggest ol’ bucket of cream that they had. So I bought it.

After I got back home and looked at both of the buckets next to each other, I realized they had exactly the same volume and weight. It was just the shape of the bucket that had changed. Geometry sure is weird sometimes.

Old bucket on the left – New on the right

The Tale of Sweltering Heat

A friend of mine was having a birthday party. I was there too. He ordered some food. The food arrived. The first hungry guy ate some, and instantly ran to the kitchen to try and douse the fire in his mouth. It turned out, the food had been seasoned with Carolina Reaper, which was until recently the hottest pepper in the world. I decided to skip that food and watched the others eat it.

A few days later, I asked my friend how his anus had been doing the day after the remarkable meal. He only replied with this image:

The Tale of Bygone Passages

Facebook discontinued the Lite Messenger app that I had been using, so I was forced to download the full version. It has been advertising me people who I haven’t talked to for 10-20 years. So, since it was already showing me these weird people from the past, I messaged many of them.

It turns out some people are happy talking to you after 20 years. Like one of them that I last spoke to when we were in middle school together. But some others have moved on with their lives so much, that they just aren’t interested in chatting anymore.

When I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate people and events from the past more and more. The older the thing, the more I’m lovin it. So – chatting with these people feels really nostalgic, interesting and enjoyable, even with the ones who themselves are not that interested in the conversation. But I seriously am grateful for those who – after all these years – are writing to me in a way that makes me feel like no time has passed at all and we’re still the friends we used to be.

Haven’t talked to me for a decade or two? Comment below how you have been doing.

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What, where did all that time go?

December 21, 2023

2023 is about to end.
Looking back at the year, I gotta say this:

Thanks a lot to Juhan for inviting me to events, you were possibly the person I hanged out with the most. I didn’t leave the house often otherwise.

Thanks a lot to Veljo who was there for me for emotional support, I certainly feel indebted for that which I might never be able to pay off.

Thanks a lot to EA for commenting on this blog, it gave me motivation to post here, even if I wasn’t very successful at it these past months.

Thanks to all the other friends, it was an okay year due to all of you.

And some random stats:


Twitch was running on my computer most of the days.


Played a bit on the Steam Deck and a lot of Path of Exile on the PC.

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